We receive numerous requests from folks throughout the country who want the opportunity to participate in The Visibility Project. At this point the project is self-funded/entirely volunteer driven.

My contributions to this project are absolutely a labor of love as I work on: shooting and editing stills & video, lighting design & staging, pre-flighting & printing exhibition prints, design and updates on the website and vimeo channel, and providing outreach to current & past participants. I want this site and project to continue growing and creating a community space. Help me realize this dream, by showing support through a donation.

– many thanks…Mia Nakano


All funds will go to one of the items listed below, with a focus on the equipment list to reduce the ongoing rental costs.
Equipment needed:
Closed Captioning software
Backup harddrives

Ongoing costs:
Car rental – $60+/day
Plane/train/bus tickets
Equipment shipping & luggage fees