Give us an email (mia at visibilityproject dot org) to arrange a shoot date + time.


The project is inclusive to trans, ftm, mtf, genderqueer, bisexuals, gender-non conforming, lesbian, queer, intersex, andro, two-spirit. and more.  Our definitions of Asian American are constantly evolving and include any identification with “Asian”, Hapa, etc.

In exchange for participating, people can use the images for non-commercial use, and are encouraged to submit bios & links to the website to promote related personal work or social justice related causes.

ABOUT THE SHOOTS/SESSIONS (Approx. 60 minutes)

Participants are invited to step into a studio space however they feel comfortable, whether it’s dressed to the tee in skirts and ties or throwing on sneakers with a rockin’ hoodie. We start with a very mellow video interview and then still photography. Some examples of the open ended questions asked are: what is your ethnic background, preferred gender pronouns, and sexual orientation. Participants are welcome to bring friends, partners, family so they feel comfortable and supported. Guests do need to be quiet during the interview process.

As more regions of the U.S. are covered, the diversity of verbage will continue to increase. These pages will reflect the emerging dialectic terms of the community, and the phenomenal individuals who have stepped up willing to be visible.