The 2015 Trans Leadership Exchange
Building the Power of Trans and Genderqueer Leaders

Goals of the Trans Leadership Exchange

1. Build personal leadership capacity: By exploring unique values, learning tools to cultivate greater self-awareness, deepening mind-body connection, and identifying leadership styles;

2. Connect trans and genderqueer leaders: By introducing people from different part of the movement and the nation to one another in order to build a deeper community of colleagues and a thriving support network;

3. Explore power, privilege, and oppression: By learning how social identities (such as race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, faith, age) impact us, develop shared understanding of a framework, and practice communication skills for engaging across lines of significant difference;

4. Develop organizing and management skills: By distinguishing between leading, managing and supervising, we will share and identify tools for investing in teams and individuals;

5. Recognize and appreciate different strategies within our movement: By recognizing different strategies and tactics for achieving political change, foster a more collaborative and generative LGBTQ movement.

Three Weeks of Residency

The Trans Leadership Exchange will open at the Conference on LGBTQ Equality: Creating Change in February of 2015, with two further meetings in April and July. In between session retreats, participants will be expected to complete online assignments and team projects.

Who Should Apply?

Trans and genderqueer identified leaders working in the LGBTQ movement are welcome to apply. This means campaigns and community organizers, policy advocates, faith leaders, higher education and community center professionals, and others working for LGBTQ liberation are all welcome to apply. Trans and genderqueer leaders from other social justice movements (such as immigration rights, reproductive justice, and economic and racial justice) are also welcome to apply. This program is aimed at leaders with a wide range of professional or volunteer experience. Applicants who do not identify as trans or genderqueer will not be considered.

We welcome participants from a range of backgrounds and traditions; the Task Force is committed to creating multi-racial, gender diverse, accessible spaces in our leadership programs. The Trans Leadership Exchange is available at low or no cost to all accepted participants, based on a sliding scale. No one will be turned away based on finances.

We welcome inquiries about the program. Please contact Evangeline Weiss, Leadership Programs Director at the Task Force:, 919-236-3049.

Applications are due by October 15th and we will notify you by November 20th.