Wanted to send a huge shout out to all the folks who donated and people who lent their support by fundraising, sharing our page, and spreading the word about this work. Here’s a little snippet of whats in store for the future.

Next month the “SEX” issue of Hyphen magazine is being released with a featurette article about the Visibility Project. I’ve also been hard at work entering in a lot of glamorous data that fabulous intern Meg H. has entered in to a fascinating google document. It’s actually really cool. Between the two of us, we’re trying to launch a comprehensive resource guide with lots of cool orgs, websites, and factoidy information. It’s basically a data dump of all the internet wandering Mia has done over the years, combined with participant suggestions, and aggregating other resource lists.

Please contact mia (at) visibilityproject (dot) org if you have any suggestions!