The Resilience Archives is a collection of personal photos, fliers, interviews, and historical documents from the LGBTQIA+ Asian American and Pacific Islander community in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has been created as an act of resilience to ensure the stories are told and made accessible to the public at large. This is a collaboration between the Visibility Project, API Equality – Northern California, and artists Mia Nakano & Kat Evasco.


The Resilience Archives is a collection of photographs, newsletters, articles, videos, multi-media clips, and more. We’re using an online mapping tool that allows us to post this content using address/location based “pins”. When you click on the pin, an image or story pops up that describes what happened at that location!

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Left – Lolan Buhain Sevilla, courtesy of the Visibility Project, 2013
Right – Image from the GAPA HIV/AIDS Visibility Campaign, photographer, Annabelle Breakey, 1992