A national portrait + video collection dedicated to the Queer Asian American Women & Trans* community. The Visibility Project breaks barriers through powerful imagery and storytelling.
Jayden Thai  |  Louisville, KY

Jayden Thai | Louisville, KY

Hometown Louisville, KY Ethnicity/Racial Background Vietnamese American Age 23 Preferred Pronouns He Sexual Orientation Trans + Queer Shoot Location Washington, DC | 2012
VIDEO INTERVIEWScandid conversations + oral historiesgrowing up, language barriers, self identifying, life from the 60's to present day


candid conversations + oral histories

growing up, language barriers, self identifying, life from the 60’s to present day

Trinity Ordona  |  San Francisco, CA

Trinity Ordona | San Francisco, CA

Trinity A. Ordona, Ph.D., currently teaches classes on lesbian relationships, queer communities of color and techniques in abuse recovery at City College of San Francisco. Trinity is also the founder and coordinator of Healing For Change, a CCSF student organization that sponsors campus-community healing events directed to survivors of violence and abuse. In 2008, Trinity...
Un Jung  |  New York

Un Jung | New York

Ethnicity/Racial Background Korea American, Asian American/ POC Gender Female Age 32 Preferred Pronouns None Sexual Orientation Queer/Lesbian Location New York, 2012
Laurent  |  Philadelphia

Laurent | Philadelphia

“It’s okay to be out. It’s okay to be queer and Indonesian. And if you’re not there yet, that’s also okay” – Laurent Ethnicity/Racial Background Chinese Indonesian Gender Gender Non Conforming/Genderqueer Age 28 Preferred Pronouns He / She / They Sexual Orientation Queer Location Philadelphia, 2012
Kay Ulanday Barrett  |  New York

Kay Ulanday Barrett | New York

“I feel like I’ve been coming out since I was born, with varying levels of success…” – Kay Ethnicity/Racial Background Mixed race pinoy Amerikan Gender Transgender and Gender Non Conforming Age 30 Preferred Pronouns K, Ne, They, Pogi Sexual Orientation Queer, Genderqueer Location New York, 2012