A national portrait + video collection dedicated to the Queer Asian American Women & Trans* community. The Visibility Project breaks barriers through powerful imagery and storytelling.

Freedom, Inc

Freedom, Inc is a grassroots organization with a vision of creating and building a world we want to live in. Starting as the Asian Freedom Project in 2000, it created youth-led collective learning groups to organize and mobilize on issues that affected their daily lives. In 2003, Freedom, Inc became an official non-profit organization. Since...
Korean-Americans United for Equality (KUE)

Korean-Americans United for Equality (KUE)

KUE (Koreans United for Equality) is an alliance of multigenerational straight and LGBTIQ Koreans. Mission: To increase the visibility of LGBTQI Koreans within the Korean community as well as the gay community. To provide resources in the form of information, news, announcements, and spaces for LGBTQI Koreans as well as the friends and family of...