A national portrait + video collection dedicated to the Queer Asian American Women & Trans* community. The Visibility Project breaks barriers through powerful imagery and storytelling.
East Coast Tour 2012
Adrien  |  New York

Adrien | New York

Ethnicity/Racial Background German / Filipino American Gender Gender non-conforming, masculine of center Age 28 Sexual Orientation Queer Location New York, 2012
Irma  |  New York

Irma | New York

Ethnicity/Racial Background Filipino Gender Woman Age 34 Preferred Pronouns She / He / mam’sir / Pogi Sexual Orientation Queer Location New York, 2012 Irma Salvatierra Bajar is a queer Filipino community organizer that was born and raised in Hawaii. She was first introduced to the National Democratic movement in Seattle, 2006 during a political education...
Un Jung  |  New York

Un Jung | New York

Ethnicity/Racial Background Korea American, Asian American/ POC Gender Female Age 32 Preferred Pronouns None Sexual Orientation Queer/Lesbian Location New York, 2012
Laurent  |  Philadelphia

Laurent | Philadelphia

“It’s okay to be out. It’s okay to be queer and Indonesian. And if you’re not there yet, that’s also okay” – Laurent Ethnicity/Racial Background Chinese Indonesian Gender Gender Non Conforming/Genderqueer Age 28 Preferred Pronouns He / She / They Sexual Orientation Queer Location Philadelphia, 2012
Kay Ulanday Barrett  |  New York

Kay Ulanday Barrett | New York

“I feel like I’ve been coming out since I was born, with varying levels of success…” – Kay Ethnicity/Racial Background Mixed race pinoy Amerikan Gender Transgender and Gender Non Conforming Age 30 Preferred Pronouns K, Ne, They, Pogi Sexual Orientation Queer, Genderqueer Location New York, 2012
Tamiko  |  Boston

Tamiko | Boston

Ethnicity/Racial Background Mixed – Japanese & White Gender Femme woman Age 37 Preferred Pronouns She Sexual Orientation Queer Location Boston, 2012
Kian  |  Boston

Kian | Boston

Ethnicity/Racial Background Asian/South Asian Gender Queer Woman Age 38 Preferred Pronouns She Sexual Orientation Queer Location Boston, 2012
D.L.  |  Philadelphia

D.L. | Philadelphia

Lavender  |  Philadelphia

Lavender | Philadelphia

Miki  |  Philadelphia

Miki | Philadelphia

Miyuki  |  Philadelphia

Miyuki | Philadelphia

Van  |  Philadelphia

Van | Philadelphia