Thanks for taking the time to look around and see what the project is about.  We are perpetually seeking participants excited about being interviewed and photographed and be a strong voice for the Queer Asian American community.  If there are enough interested folks in one city and we have funds to travel, we’ll come.


SPONSOR, FUNDRAISE, OR DONATE (aka help the Visibility Project come to your city)

We get a lot of requests to come to cities all over the country, which is so inspiring!. We want to ensure that people who want to share their stories and represent have that opportunity. But to do this we need your help, sponsorship is the easiest way.


Connect us with local organizations to donate a space to shoot
Hold a mini-fundraiser/dinner/online donation drive to help off-set travel fees
Offer to host us to off-set travel fees
Ask a local organization to hire us to do web, photo, video, or branding projects, and a portion of those funds will go towards the project.